Our Approach

We took our reopening plans and built this site for you. Each piece of the plan is split up into smaller, more digestible, pieces of information.

We’ve got everything covered from end-to-end, from the bus ride in to the bus ride home. Our goal is to keep everyone safe, healthy and most importantly, together.

Nutrition and Food Service

With advanced protocols around cleaning in between lunch periods and a modified schedule we are able to keep our students safe and meet the Maine CDC recommendations.


We have embraced technology for decades. Because of this, we are able to stay connected to our students no matter where they are. Our approach to learning, remote or on-premise, relies on our ongoing investment in modern technology.


Getting students from point A to point B in the midst of a pandemic is a challenge but we have it covered. No worries. Our transportation team is geared up to keep our fleet clean. 

Facilities and Maintenance

Our ongoing committment to clean air and a clean environment enables us to adequately ventilate our schools. Slight modifications will allow us to create designated space for any students feeling a bit under the weather.