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What better way to learn Google Classroom then to use it as a student? We have curated online resources for you and created materials to test your knowledge. Course instructors are available and dedicated to answer questions.

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How to organize Google Classroom

In This Video:

  1. (0:45) Stream options - comments and classwork
  2. (2:14) Categorizing classwork and assignments using topics
  3. (5:24) Drag and drop assignments into topics
  4. (6:10) Scheduling posts and assignments

How to Create a Google Forms Quiz

In This Video:

  1. (0:25) Multiple choice and true false quizzes
  2. (4:20) Automatic and manual scoring
  3. (8:25) Pictures to show work 

How to Create Drag and Drop Activities on Google Slides

In This Video:

  1. (0:45) Label the states
  2. (8:30) Categorize triangles
  3. (12:58) Math manipulatives

Google Classroom Tips and Tricks

In This Video:

(0:35) Reuse Assignment
(2:10) Assignment Differentiation
(5:01) Organize your assignments
(6:10) Create a resources or notes topic
(7:20) Grading
(8:20) Create comments to help grading
(9:49) Use a comment bank
(11:51) Use arrow keys to navigate gradebook
(12:35) Create a customized header
(15:00) Use the find command
(15:35) Make copies of your classes
(17:40) Create a class for early finishers